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I think the Mini 30, especially the newer ones, will fit your needs very well.  I wouldn’t over scope it though.  I have shot numerous mini 15 and 30’s over the years and have found a 1 x4 or, preferably a Leupold 1.5×5 to be much better as they are more compact and much quicker to use on 1 or 1.5x (you can keep both eyes open) for short range quick shooting.  At 4 or 5x you will have all the magnification needed for a short range rifle…..probably more than is needed or will be actually used……based on my own experience with rifles scopes as such when used at 200 yards or less…..most often the scope stays set on the low end power.

Loaded with 123 – 125 jacketed Winchester, Hornady, Sierra or Speers over 4227 they duplicate milsurp velocity and psi with much better accuracy.  The Speer 130 gr FP 30-30 bullet also shot very well in one Mini 30 I shot it in.  At 2250 fps it makes for a very effective deer bullet within the range you mention.

Larry Gibson

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