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Somebody, don’t remember who, sent me some of the NOE 9.3 280LFN to try out.

This was 24gns of 2400 for 1540fps, sized to .368″, seated to 2.965 to just engage the rifleing, and lubed with 2500+

For jacketed, H4895 seemed to do the best for me.  I tried some slower powders that quickload suggested would give more velocity, but they were just too slow to give complete combustion(at least I think so…)

I settled on the .375″ Speer 235 sized down to .369″.  Loaded with 54gns of H4895 for 2510fps and a 1.4″ group

I shot a doe with this load and it gave complete penetration from chest to butt and exited.

Here’s a pic of my M46A.  Tim turned the bolt down for me and it came out great.

I love how light they are and have a nice slender grip.  They just feel great in your hand.  I put a Timney trigger on mine.

I did a chamber cast of Waynes, M46, and mine, M46A, they both had throats around .370″ and over .5″ long.  With loading oversized bullet to fit the throat, you just have to watch for your neck diameter to make sure it still has room to expand and let the bullet go.  It sounds like your barrel has a more normal bore diameter, so the regular 9.3 bullets might work better for you.

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