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i did slug the bore, twice. it comes out at .3665″. i was thinking that a .368″ cast boolit “should” chamber, but i have to do a chamber cast. i’ve shot it(40-45.0grs imr4895 and 285gr prvi) and the primers were good. i am lucky that i didn’t size them to .416″ and then back down to .366″. the hornady die is a Godsend!!!!  just put in the 8×57 and it comes out 9.3×57(well sortof).  i’ll take any reloading info on the 9.3×57, esp with cast boolits.

i’m going to h4895, but i have a pound of imr4895 thats doing nothing. i’ll probably go with a 280gr fn gc at about 1800-1900fps. it will be for deer and black bear. i “plan” on doing a 50 yards and less shot, but i’ll take a 150 yards and less shot.

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