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Hi Todd, Wayne and I both have 9.3x57s, an M46 and M46A.  I have load data and measurements for it here.


You’ll probably want to slug the barrel and maybe do a chamber cast.  I found that the throats on both are just over .5″ long and the bores are oversized.  We ended up sizing down .375″ bullets in a push through sizer from NOE.

My loads are abit hotter than most listed.  I figured that if the M96 action was chambered in 6.5×55, then I should be able to load the 9.3 to the same pressures.

The chambers on both of them have head space issues and are abit too long.  With light loads you might end up with primers being pushed out.  I sized the brass up to .416″, then back down to 9.3 with the sizing die backed out some to create a second shoulder.  Once the brass was fireformed, I just neck sized from there and didn’t have any more problems.

The .375″ 200gn Sierra, sized down to .369″, shot really well.

The Speer 9.3 270 shot really well at a lower velocity.

Let me know if you want any more details.

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