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Here is another option  with .311″ groove bore which has gotten great reviews on several gun channels.   I have three SKS rifle from three different countries, so I have the 7.62 x 39 pretty much covered and have reloaded and shot jacketed as well as cast loads in them all for longer than I can remember.

Some pretty good options still out there on jacketed bullets, Hornday SP an SST, PPU makes a SP as well as Barnes still make 123 gr. hunting bullets for larger game, Hornady and Noslar also make 123 gr. varmint bullets as well.

As to cast lead that’s what my SKS rifle have had a pretty steady diet of for the last ten years.  I mainly shoot the Lee .312″ gas check 160 gr. tumble lube RN or the .312″ 185 gr. RN bullets, I also shoot a NOE 155 gr. .314″ gas check FP bullet as well, I pretty much powder coat them all these days.

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