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Only shot the ruger mini 30 one time. I liked the look of it. It was very well made to me. The sks I bought back in 1988 was a lot higher than the newer imports of the 90s. It was around 200$ then.I found out my sks was a actual Chinese military and not made just for import. It would shoot slightly better at 200 yards than the 30 but not by much.That sks would shoot. I could get 3in groups  easy with it. The newer import sks wouldn’t even come close. The lee 160 gr GC bullet works really good for me. Never tried it past 100 yards. It shoots great as cast lubed with 45/45/10  white label lube. I always liked the look of the  ruger mini 30 or 223 but they where always just a little bit to high for me. The EC Harris bullet that lee makes should be a good one it works great in my gun.

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