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  1. The reason I asked is the 10/22 I have tried with the bull barrel are to heavy to hunt with for me . The extra weight for a bench gun would be great. But I want sompthing that I can use hunting or on a bench at the range. The heavy Sporter looks like it would be in between the standard and bull barrel in weight. The bull barrel is .920 the compleat leingth and the heavy Sporter is tapered I thank 9.20 for thee inches then tapers to .720  the rest of the leingth. Then in a different post if yours you talked about you building carbon fiber wrapped barrels. I thank the weight difference would be just what I’m looking for.  A bull barrel that’s stiff but the weight lighter than the heavy Sporter. It’s s sompthing I want to  build / really putting parts together. This is sompthing I wanted to play with in the . spring . I sold my 10/22 15 years ago. It was a beautiful rifle,  stanless steel with laminate gray and black and white . It was a special order that I thank only Walmart sold. It worked great with different ammo but the accuracy was just ok. The best it would do at 100 yards was 4 To 5 in. 50 yards was about 3 1/3 in . My Chinese jw15 1966 bolt trainer  22 that when I bought it for 185$ thought  it was chez burno. I was upset when I found out it was a Chinese made untill I shot it. This rifle would shoot good match ammo 10 shot groups 1 1/2 in at 100 yards. On a good day one group out of ten or so was less than a inch after a lot of pratice I could get 3 or 4 groups less than a inch. The ruger did better the more I shot it. After about 1000 to 15000 rounds it got better but not much. Since I can find 22 ammo again I would like to play with the 22 lr again. Funny story to me anyway . I was at the range at the 200 yard bench. The guy next to me was shooting some big ultra mag . He asked what u shooting? I said 22lr. He then said that you can’t shoot 22 lr that far . And be accurate. I then showed him my targets and the groups that where about the size of base balls. They where smaller than what he was getting with his ultra mag. He just walked away saying you just can’t shoot 22 that far and hit anything

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