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Chest Your right i don’t know what Iam missing .I don’t know squat about suppressors. I have never ever seen one at the range I go to or in person. I don’t know any body that has one. I would like to try one some time also would like to shoot a full auto just one time. I guess muzzle breaks if you really need it I guess would be great. But to me at the range for me they just don’t work. I hate the backward and sideways blast you get. Also the blast to the table next to you. I was at a range with my 17 yo shooting ars. The guy next to us says go ahead. I told him he my not like the blast from my break on my rifle. He says it will be ok. Well the first shot knocked off his hat and blew it on the ground. After that I put back on the regular flash hider. The 223 dosent hardly even kick any way.even when shooting with nobody around the precision back into my chest messes up my contertration

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