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I have a 2nd model LCP and thick hands .
It is exactly what it is and not 1 thing more .
It is a functional gun that is serviceable to get an attacker off of you and go bang 100% .
I have a G42 that is much better as far as shootablity . Comfort and being inclined to shoot it often .

Rifles are a whole nuther bucket of snakes . Personally I don’t get the single shot mindset . If I’m shooting something that can injure me before I can get another round in I want that cycle as short as possible the same goes for suffering . Yes I’d take a #1-3 in a second even if it was in some extreme cartridge like a 17 Hornet or 577 T Rex , I know a guy that can fix that .
This brings us around to traditional 45-70s . I’ve got no dig with the Remlins , mine is serviceable and consistent enough for everything over coyote inside 200 yd and with careful work or optics it would make a 3-350 yd deer and up rile . Henry’s are nice and definitely better fitted than the Remington offerings . I don’t care for the tube loaded mag but I’m set in my ways .
Autos seem to wear out actions , BLRs are ……well I guess if you can “just buy an 86′” you can afford it .
Slides are different , I have a couple . They are quick and if he’s a shotgunner it’ll be like a glove to a hand . Hate the Rem box mags . Like the Model 14 ……
Every bolt gun owes something in it’s design to Paul Mauser . So some have a better track record than others . Savage is no slouch . The plastic stocks suck but past that they’re as good as any maybe better since you can get them almost 2/1 .

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