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Charlie, the 6.5×55 in a modern strong action will do anything that the 6.5 Creedmoor will do with just a small bit more powder and a heck of a lot less pressure and much longer barrel life.  I have rifles in both calibers.  The Creedmoor I got shortly after they came out.  It is a Savage model 16/116 composite stock and is extremely accurate.  The  6.5×55 I acquired from Simpson Ltd. for a pittance and shoots just as good as the Savage.

The only problem I see with the Savage is I get mildly flattened and cratered primers even with factory ammo.  I have the feeling that these indications mean that my ammo is much hotter than what the book says.  I think it is short throated as ammo loaded to book spec (Lyman ) will crater and flatten primers at beginning load levels.  It came this way from the factory.

All that being said it is a great cartridge, accurate further than I care to shoot at game, and kills reliably through game as large as elk.  But, I don’t like the pressure problem.  Maybe Goodsteel can give me an idea of what to do about it.  I have yet to chronograph the rounds.  I feel that piece of Information would be very helpful as their is a direct relationship between velocity and pressure (the higher the pressure the higher the velocity) if fps’s are significantly higher than what the manual says they should be I will know that something is seriously wrong.  Brodie


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