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Two years ago I ran a patch or two through this project to clean it up and oil it.  It is still sitting in the safe.  Picked it up from Jesse back then.  Said he ran two 250gr RN through it and told me they went through the same hole.  If you’ve ever shakin’ hands with Mr. Ocumpaugh you’d walk away knowing in your gut the man would sooner explode on contact than tell a lie.

So no news on the project!  But a bunch of others are cleaned up the 270, the 45acp, the kitchen, the shop, the vineyard etc. Hopefully this winter I’ll get to the 338Fed.

Have an ugly laminate stock for it that will need to be worked to fit properly.  My first time bedding a stock. Will I get it right, who knows?  But like most of us in this endeavour we plough ahead for no other reason that to learn something.

Anyone here any more?



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