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I have good luck with the lee scale. But I have only used lee. That’s like me getting a Chevy Chevet and telling every body it’s the best car without trying any other. It has worked for me for 25 years. I would liket to try  a electronic scale but still thank in my mind the old fashaned scale is better. Kind of like me driving me chevy chevet a round haha. Funny story I have done body work since 5 grade during summers at my grandfathers body shop. After high school I moved to Houston tx working for a truck, suburban and van conversion company. One day a paint gun salesman came in showing his new Japanese iwia paint guns. We usally told them to leave we didint want to try them. One guy used a binks gun only . One guy used sharps and one used a divilbus gun. I used binks or divilbus I liked both guns . Well for some reason we let him show us the new Japanese paint guns. Well we where all set in are ways and didint want to change. We have been using the same brands for years. Well after that day we all had the iwia guns . They where that good

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