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jRR I see the distance 50 feet good shooting. Well I finally loaded my 38 specials up using trail boss ,red dot,unique,and Hs6. I loaded them from a box I got gave me with store bought cast 158 gr Swc and Rn bullets. I didint know the Rn where in the box untill I loaded a few up. So I got about 120 or so of each powder and a Swc and Rn bullet loaded. Was going to try them out today but got busy cutting grass over half the day and going to town grocery shopping once every two weeks for us. So looks like Tuesday I can go to the range and try my different loads out. The two pistoles I got are from the recent police trade in guns from two years ago. One is a stanless steel smith model 64 4 in heavy barrel. The other is a blue smith model ten 4 in heavy barrel from California department of corrections. It is a plus p model and tight. Boath models have very good triggers in da and sa. The 64 almost has  a scearry light sa triger. I sold my russan Nagant  pistole with 20 lb da triger for enuf money to buy the smith. Really didint want to sell it but the smith is day and night all around a better gun. The Nagant pistoles ten or twelve years ago where only going for 68$ then so I traided up good. I also got at the same time a two tone aluminum frame blue steel slide I thank Hungarian 9×18 makarov for also 68$ at the time. One of the US marshals I worked with at the time jokingly said he wouldn’t trust his life on a 68$ gun. Well I told him it’s based off a walther ppk and very well made. This is one gun I think I will keep along with my smiths I haven’t loaded yet for the makarov but soon will get the dies and mold for it .

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