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Fortunately you and I have discussed this before . It is true that neither the platform nor cartridge is a definitive tack driver , that’s why I have an 222 for little bitty groups and a 264WM if I need to reach out past my skills and get there in a hurry and of course an old 06′ or 2 for all purpose critter whacking .

It is a shame that the 45-70 is just another brush gun these days , but I blame the lever gun for that .

Most if not all rifles will shoot better when cast is slowed down , I’ve seen this show up in this rifle a little bit with just 200 down range I haven’t explored all of the avenues . I did check out “how to get the snot and fillings knocked loose blvd” I didn’t leave anything there I need to go back and look at again .

While not a conscious decision I did find that when treated like a 38 Special or 45 Colts that it responded well …..see reference to a large burro pistol cartridge .
So the low drag 45 exploration is really about low speed aerodynamics not shrinking groups .
The NOE clone 535 gr copy of the 458193 shoots plenty flat at as as little as 1100fps it’s almost a no hold over 200 yd rifle . Although the 535 was a single loaded afair , far too long to feed and once the bolt closed there was no ejection until the bullet went down range . Most of the short nosed bullets follow the 50% meplat punch a full diameter hole who cares if it doesn’t move metal it’s a half inch hole .

So the idea in this is to take advantage of the copper bullet shape , at 300 grains it sports a whopping .291 BC . Straight conversion to lead it moves up to 384 gr + the cavity fill . So 450 gr isn’t a real reach and keep the shape with just a little length . By increasing the weight and extending the gas check shank making it a rebated BT the BC should go up into the high .300s maybe even break .400 . By treating it like a 500 gr pistol with a snort of Unique I ought to be able to get it on up to 1050fps without too much damage . A .400 BC on a 450gr should let it carry plenty of energy for what ever it happens to run in to . If NOE will cut it , which doesn’t look real good at the moment , in an RG with a moderate HP cast from a 1-20 or so should resolve the energy transfer and inside 200 yd . Putting a bullet in the boiler room shouldn’t be a big deal , if it looks like it over 125 yd hold the spine instead of the shoulder .

I also recognize the limits of a subsonic sledgehammer . My intention is to get there with less loss without starting with more . With this in mind a 450 gr TD load is only 11-1250 fps so sacrificing 100 fps isn’t a big deal especially with a 100 yd retained speed of 900 fps with twice the weight of the other 900 fps 45s .

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