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I drug into Goodsteel’s place on Sunday afternoon August 26th. I apologize for not setting up a dinner for all of you in his locale. I had hoped to meet all like was previously happening at Sawbucks. My fault for not getting it done. I just tried to do too much in too short of a time. I about fell off my stool in Goodsteel’s shop early that evening. I’m just getting too old to attempt so much. If I make it back that way again, I’ll try to do a better job of scheduling.

Goodsteel did give me a detailed tour of his shop, and we did send some rounds downrange. He also extended hospitality and let me spend the night in his guest room. Goodsteel is A-1 OK.

On the afternoon of Friday August 31st SkeetTx took me on a whirlwind tour of the best gun shops in Amarillo. Wow. I did put an Old Model Ruger Bearcat (steel frame) on layaway until I can arrange for it to be shipped to my FFL. Dinner at The Big Texan topped off the evening. After we finished eating, and were setting up, the live music showed up at our table. An older gentlemen with a guitar and a lovely lady with a fiddle asked if there was anything they could play for us. SkeeTx said we were just about to leave, and the gent said “How about “On the Road Again?'” I piped up with something like “That would be great.” They were pretty good, and how much better of a send-off could I get with hitting the road the next morning? I was in the hotel lunchroom at 0600 the next morning, and did get back to Los Alamos, NM at 1230 MDT on Saturday September 1st. Over 3500 miles in 3 weeks.  I ain’t dead yet!

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