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Many years ago I had a benchrest quality rifle in 300 Weatherby that many of my friends would beg me to shoot, mainly because it was an oddity to them which was also the reason I bought it in the first place. I took it to a friends house that had a spot across the field to shoot 300 yards, we hung a few targets and while shooting we commented about the flies landing on the targets so my cousin said he was going to shoot one of the flies toward the lower corner of the target and when he squeezed one off he said I got it and we laughed at him.

Well when we retrieved the targets low and behold he hit that fly as there bug splatter on the target around part of the bullet hole, I kept that target for many years and have since misplaced it but we still get a huge laugh out of that event that could only have been an accident. I’m sure that there are refined shooters out there that could pull it off on purpose but not in my neighborhood, lol.

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