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My absolute favorite bullet of all time is the 165 pspcl in 30-06 loaded to around 2700+.  I have taken somewhere around 13 Elk and I don’t remember how many Mule Deer with this load.  Ranges have been as close as 80 yds and out to around 500ish and most were one shot drops.  My oldest Son has used that bullet/load and has taken more Elk than I have with it.  One year he was hunting without me and ran out of our handloads so he bought a box of 150 corelokts and had terrible performance on an Elk.  The bullets kept blowing up and wouldn’t penetrate deep enough.  He says that they work great on Mule Deer.

One year I thought I’d try some 180 core lokts and loaded them up to 2850fps-ish in the old trusty 06′.  I got a shot at a cow around 70yds, I tucked it tight behind the shoulder and it staggered at the shot, but then got back up and tried to keep up with the rest of the herd.  I had to shoot it 4 more times to finally anchor it.  Cleaning it showed that all 5 shots took out both lungs.  Several years later I went back to Idaho to hunt Elk with my son.  He couldn’t find any 165 Core Lokt factory ammo, so he picked up some 180s instead.  We both shot smallish cows and they dropped with one shot each.  Mine was around 350yds, I don’t remember how far my son’s was.

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