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You can build that as heavy a .45 as you want. You can use a 45-70 barrel blank and shoot conicals with it. You can go up as far as .62 caliber rifle or shotgun (20gauge)

Here is some the barrels I am sure would do well with soft cast rifle bullets from common molds

32-40  with .303 brit bullet or oversize .30

.40 cal with heavy 10mm pistol dia

45-70 barrel loading .45 pistol dia cast soft (or sabots)

.50 cal with .50 pistol boolit (or sabots)

Agreed the open face of the action gets dirty easy, thus the fore end serves to close off the front of the action, but, the underhammer and the trigger is one of the best of all the muzzle loader shooters.  Its just to simple of an action, thus it works. the trigger is the sear and the hammer is the tumbler. there is no side lock to be offside, and your sight picture is clear.

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