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Yes, don’t be intimidated. Be EDUCATED.

I have a friend and client that buys Savage axis rifles and rebarrels them on his kitchen table. He hollers at me when he needs something he can’t handle, or wants me to validate his precision on my concrete bench. The guy uses Shilen match barrels, one piece rails, Warne rings, Vortex optics (Crossfire II), and he chambers them in light kicking wildcats like 277 Wolverine, 6X45, 6.5 Grendel etc etc etc, and he is getting sub MOA results on demand. He’s doing this by understanding what makes a rifle shoot and putting his aces in their places. It’s not ideal, and certainly not dirt cheap, but it’s got it where it counts. He knows the rules and functions strictly within them and enjoys the results (you can too).

The thing that makes this hard is all the misinformation floating around the internet. I mean, just by looking around with fresh eyes, you’d swear that powder selection is more important than bullet choice, that strict brass prep is more important than quality optics, and three shots demonstrate the MOA of a rifle.

The priority list in a rifle build is no different. You’ve got to keep your mind clear and stick to common sense like glue in order to sift your way through the BS, put things in context and order of priority, and devise a plan to execute a solid rifle build within your budget. This is very very doable, but do your research and UNDERSTAND the concept of rifle building (at least to a working degree). Do this, and you’ll cut through the fluff and enjoy some pretty impressive results for low money.

Feel free to ask questions.

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