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GS in fact builds awe inspiring rifles both to the eye and the target . I have a couple .

Off the shelf .
Buy a couple of Savage 110E used rifles the birch stocks (or whatever they are) are stable and sound . Get the chamber leade and throats checked out . If they are good bed the action from the barrel nut shoulder back and go shoot them . When you get to changing the barrels etc the parts are there and can be readily done out in the shop . Midway at least for a while did sell a Savage rebarrel kit with the wrench , nut , HS gauge and barrel for about $40 more than just a barrel .
Get a long action .
Savage also feature interchangeable bolt heads . So when you wake up one morning and the 223/556 needs to be a 458 WM you go out pull the stock off toss it in the vise knock the nut loose un screw the barrel . Pull the bolt down change the head . Run the new nut down the barrel screw it down about half the threads slip the hs gauge in the bolt and chamber . Run the barrel down until it stops soft , tighten the nut to low torque value . Stick it back in the stock adjust the nut bedding and barrel channel and go try it out .

Yes there’s truing that can be done . There is always a better trigger , springs , firing pin , etc .

With the above you should be able to pick 3 cartridges , 2 rifles , 2 Scopes and for around $12-1400 be shooting MOA . If you need 2″ at 400 yd then you have to either pay someone like GS or buy and learn to use some very expensive tools which can run an estate sale $100 platform rifle right into a $15,000 tinker toy and never even break a sweat .

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