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Back when my youngest son, Erin, was 12, we were getting some guns ready to go to the range and shoot some clay pigeons. So Erin was eyeballing my Ruger MkII 6 7/8″ Stainless Target 22lr pistol and was talking smack about how he was going to shoot a clay pigeon out of the air with it.  So I told him that if he did then I would buy him a new gun.  We came to terms that he had 10 shots to get it done.

So here we are at the range and we get the thrower all setup, he calls pull and I yank the cord on the first one, he shoots and misses.  I reset and get ready for the next one, he calls pull, the pigeon is airborn, he shoots and misses, then shoots again as it is about 6′ from the ground and hits it!

So… after we got done at the range we went shopping.  He didn’t find anything that he liked, so we made a deal that he would get my Savage 340 in 30-30.

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