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The joys of watching a storm work it magic !

Long ago I worked a night shift . This one particular night , keeping in mind I was in a high altitude deasert , I was checking warehouse doors walking a dock about 4′ high with rail road rails in front of the dock . It had been raining just enough to mess with the headlights and keep the mud smeered around on the windshield but never enough to wash it off . As I was walking back to the truck I noticed in the lights that the rain looked like it was like a swarm of wasps just going every direction all at once . The top of the dock was as wet as it was dry and the rail iron was dry . It was truly odd to be standing right there were just a few vertical inches made the difference between wet and dry . I miss the ridge tops where you can see from where you are to the next state for 270° and your seeing peaks and ridge lines 200 or miles away .

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