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Way back when about three lifetimes ago…  I was in my early twenties  and one my very best friends, Dave, and I were out in the Idaho desert hunting for Sage Grouse.

Adult males range in length from 26 to 30 inches and weigh between 4 and 7 pounds, think small turkey, and are absolutely delicious.

We were kicking up dust along a small track through the sage brush when Dave saw a couple of heads bobbing through the brush.  Just as the truck was almost stopped, Dave grabbed his single shot 20ga and three shells.  He stuffed one in the chamber and had the other two stuffed inbetween the fingers of his offhand.  Before I could get out, the birds broke the cover and started to get airborne.  Dave drew down on the first one and dropped him, cracked the 20ga open and as the empty was flying over his shoulder dropped a second round in the chamber, closed it and brought it up to his shoulder in one clean movement and busted the second grouse.  Just as quick he stuffed the third shell in the chamber and dropped the last bird.  A triple on Sage Grouse with a break open single shot 20ga!  We kicked around the rest of the morning and I managed to get one, so at least I wasn’t totally skunked.

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