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Eastern Cape South Africa, summer of 2000. My PH spotted a Kudu bull on a mountain side, we were at the bottom of the mountain. He glassed the bull and said he was shooter but not a giant. I said he looks good to me and I got ready to make the shot. Our summer is their winter. I left 95 degree heat in FL and got off the plane into temperatures in the 50’s. That’s freaking cold to a FL boy. The hunting area was two hours from town and in the mountains. It got much colder as the days passed. Back to the Kudu. My PH ranged the shot and called out 280 yards. The Kudu was facing to my left and the wind was howling from my right. I put the crosshairs of my 338WM behind his shoulder and pulled the trigger. I heard the bullet hit and he went over like he’d been hit by a train. When we got to him we saw that I had hit about 18″ left of where I was aiming. The bullet hit him in the neck and severed his spine. My PH re-ranged the shot and it was 310 yards. 280 or 310, either way, it was one lucky shot. I have it on video along with the rest of my hunt. On a side note, the night I got there, one of the staff put a hot water bottle in my bed down by my feet to keep me warm. I woke up at some point during the night to a wet bed. In my jet lagged sleepy daze, I thought I’d pissed the bed. Then I realized the plug came out of the water bottle. Fortunately there was another bed in the room.

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