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I was out at a skeet shoot with a bunch of friends. It was a yearly thing they did with the church as part of a fall festival of sorts. After the skeet shoot, we’d gorge ourselves on the best home cooked meals central Arkansas had ever produced, then the kids would go on a hay ride, and the old folks play music while the middle age folks talk and the young folks flirt with eachother.

It was a celebration of clean, honest, homestyle, country life. Those were good times.

I was good friends with a man named Dennis White who was my instructor in college at the machine tool technology program. Even though he was 30 years my senior, we always got along real well, having similar interests, and my ability to interact intelligently with people twice my age and experience level. We usually ended up duking it out for first place at these shoots.

On one such event, I decided to take my little brother along to see the fun and watch his big brother stomp the competition. Dennis brought a little side by side 410 shotgun for him to use.

The adults had our fun and the winners were named, then the kids got to do some informal shooting. My little brother took a few shots with the 410. Being only 8 years old, he didn’t enjoy the recoil much, but he was absolutely determined to bust one of those clays. I remember feeling sorry for him because he just wasn’t strong enough to shoot a 12 gauge, and I doubted even I could make much showing for myself with that little 410, but you just have to let the little fellers give it a try.

Well, Alex (my little brother) stepped up to the line and hefted that 410 to his shoulder (he was having quite the time keeping it up) and yelled PULL!!! and out went the single clay pigeon. He heaved that gun up with all his strength and I think he closed his eyes when he pulled the trigger. By some miracle he connected with the little disk. Connected! He turned it into dust! A little black mushroom cloud in the air!!!!

All the shooters exploded in cheers and started clapping him on the back and telling him what a great shot it was. He was on cloud nine, and who could blame him?

What a shot, and what a great time!!!

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