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It was a very cold November morning in south east Idaho.  My Son Steven and I were out at the break of dawn hoping for some sign of Elk.  We heard some cow talk off to the right and saw two cow Elk that were atleast 350yds out.  I drew down on the big one with my M98 30-06 loaded with 165gn Corelokts and squeezed the trigger… squeezed a little more…  What the crap I thought as I raised the rifle to see what was wrong, when it dawned on me that the safety was still on.  So I flicked the safety off and BOOM went the 06.  I still had my finger on the trigger…  I racked another round in the chamber and the Elk had moved down the far side of the ridge with only her head and the top of her back visible.  I drew down on where the shoulder should be, raised it just a little and touched off.  This time the Timney trigger broke exactly where it always did and she crumpled at the shot.  We were able to drive to within 200 yards of her and unloaded the Polaris 6×6 to drag her back to the truck.  My son was totally amazed that the bullet went in right behind the shoulder and took out both lungs.

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