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Light bulb on boat dock

As a kid, I grew up on the bank of Ohio River, Indiana side. The house was on a high bank, and a cut road allowed vehicles down to the low bank. Dad had a boat dock there and rented out boat space, it had a telephone and a electric socket/light. I spent all my days after school shooting bottles & cans floating by from up at the house, with a pellet gun.

High water flood was a blast when the wind blew trash to our side there was a never ending supply of cans/bottles to sink. Muskrats would swim by and I took pot shots at them, this was my first experience with ‘rainbow’ trajectory ballistics. I was just a kid, didn’t know what ballistics was, but I was learning to hold high and scare the muskrats.

Then there was that lone light bulb on the tall pole….. Dad had the light there so the folks renting the dock could see at night. Every once in awhile I would pop it. Dad would replace it. I pop it again. Dad replace it, rinse, repeat. Now this is well over 50yds, pellet gun, open sights. I felt good about it because of all the kentucky windage I learned to hold over.

One day Dad mentioned how he was tired of changing light bulb, after all, he had to drag a ladder down there, pick out the old glass & socket, drag the ladder back………He barely got back to the house and POP!!!

What an EPIC shot !!!  my ass is still sore from that………..

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