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Mine was with a military mauser, 7mm with the long 29″ barrel, it was on the LGS rack alongside many other mausers/enfields and so on. This had a pristine bore and nice wood, I took it home for $169 in it’s day.

My buddie had just got his pride of a Rem700/stainless/hightech stock/Leupold goldrings scope/bipod/uber magnum/et al. He was hungry to beat me on long range shooting with his new pride rifle. (we shot together many times before) We had a 2litre soda bottle of water hung out at 265 yards and I already had my mauser dialed in previously. He was in prone with his bipod, and I was on a makeshift bench. The angle of the sun was just perfect, the 2lite bottle was standing nicely on top of my front sight. I was in position with one eye on my sight and the other on him. I saw him fidget with the bipod, then fidget the scope, then fidget his position. All the while I was already setup with the mauser first stage taken up. I finally saw him go to the trigger as if to take up a first stage, I know he had the scope on high power on that bottle,,,,,,thats when I uncorked the mauser.  BLAMMO……he got a hi-power view of that bottle blowing up. It was the one and only bottle we had that day and Oh Boy was he hungry to get it, especially with his brandnew $1500 setup. I stood up, hold my rifle up high and proclaim “I got this rifle for $169 at Juniors gun shop!!!”  Gosh was he pissed. His fancy Rem700 just got shut down.

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