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1911 compact vs light bulb…….at 100 yards:

When I moved the shop to the new location, I had gotten everything in place including the machinery, but no juice for the machines. The whole shop was wired for 110, but the machines run on a variable frequency drive which is fed by 220 single phase. The move sapped all my resources, so I was left praying for somebody who knows electricity to come help me wire up the most important part of the shop. About the time I got the benches set and all the tools in place, I got a call from a guy named Rick who said he had a bolt action rifle project in mind, and had heard MBT was the best. I told him the targets speak for themselves but I’m right in the middle of a move and I’m still getting the electricity lined out. Turned out he was a licensed electrician (retired, but still certified) and didn’t mind barter.

While he wired the shop, the stockpiles of lead came up in conversation and I explained what exactly could be done with cast bullets when made correctly. I suppose I sparked his curiosity, because it wasn’t long and he was asking how to cast bullets. I explained the process, but offered him a large supply of bullets I had cast for the 1911 from House alloy. Pretty soon he was enjoying the benefits of excellent cast bullets fitted to his barrel. I also did a trigger job for him and made some customization to the grips and safeties for him to suite his style, and soon he was shooting one ragged hole at 30 paces.

One Sunday afternoon, Rick was over and we were shooting and having a great time, and I could tell he was “ON” because he was picking off empty shotgun shells at 30 yards and he seemed to have lost the ability to miss. I suggested he try to hit something further out and drew his attention to the LED spot light I had pointed at the 100 yard target. It was dysfunctional, and later that day, I was going to rework the lighting out there anyway, so the plastic bulb was fair game. I told him to aim “so high” with a hand gesture. I got on the spotting scope and he squeezed off the first shot which impacted 1.5″ low and I called it as such. He said “OK” and began his second trigger squeeze. The gun barked, the bulb shattered, and a piece of aluminum from inside the bulb went spinning off behind the 100 yard target (later inspection proved this to be the reflector from inside the bulb with a bullet hole within 1″ of dead center). I let out a whoop and a holler. That was truly one of the finest shots I’ve ever seen demonstrated with a 1911.

Needless to say, he’s hooked on cast bullets now.


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