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  1.  Tim I would like  to have you  build me a 6.5 sweed also on a K98 action. Hopefully one of these days I can afford it. Always wanted one. I guess I can for now buy the cheep axis in a heavy barrel in 6.5 creed. To play with.The 308 axis I got my son shoots cast great and fmjs for a cheep gun. I also got a original 1896? 6.5 sweed Mauser that I bought years ago for 79$ when I had my ffl. Can’t beleve what they are going for now. To me it’s a work of art. the machine work on the receiver,extreamly high polished blue.  the bolt looks like nickel steel, still like polished steel after all these years. Fit and finish awesome. I hope I didint ruin the collector value to much. I had a local gun smith drill and tap it for scope bases years ago.Everything except the bases are as it came from SOG . It’s the long rifle version with beautiful bottom metal andblue. They use to ship the rifle with name of the solder under the butplate. I remember getting the rifle in and the first thing I did was take the plate off to find the paper under it . It was written in pencil with a name I could not read. I had it for years in my dresser but some how it got lost . I haven’t shot it in years. Got ammunition for it last year so in the fall this will change . I remember that it shot really good at 100 and 200 yards.

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