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MOA 3 shots @ 200 with cast AR10 was pretty exciting.

Sitting under a mesquite tree line, 20ga in my lap, +/- 45* FOV with dead sunflower patch in front.  Hear a couple bangs from my buddy 100 yds to the right.   Flash of dove screaming in 5′ above the deck, 10 yds out.  Bag it about 15* left of center.  Didn’t think this old guy could move so fast.

First try at running pig. 2 misses, I didn’t really aim, dirt hit behind.  Saw dust puff off the hiney on 3rd, ~25 yds, XD40, 165gr cast.  2 more (misses trying to adjust for distance) as he was still going.

The congrats from buddy who is a long time hunter (I’m not much of one) felt pretty good.


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