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My epic-shot was 5 to 7 years ago maybe more. I was deer hunting at the river and in some spots in the river you could take a shot at well over two thousand yards. Knowing my own limitation and armed with a Ruger M77 MKII .270 with a 130 grain bullet (don’t remember the manufacture but I betting Hornady lead tip) and full load of h-4831 (don’t remember the load most likely near max).
I was laying down on the ground, looking down stream because the deer sometimes cross there. All of the sudden a sounder of feral hogs came out and was crossing the river. I was not sure how far they were but I know they were more than a hundred yards, and my rifle was shooting about and 1.5 inches high at at a 100. I had read once, in one of Jack O’Conner’s book to put the horizontal cross hairs on the back of the animal and that is what I did. The hogs were trotting across the river so I waited till the nose of the hog touched the vertical cross hair, I squeezed off a round and everything went as planned. The river where I hunt is kind of like a little valley and you can hear the bullets travel I also heard the bullet impact the hog. I have not thought of this hunt in a long time. It is the most memorable shots and I don’t know that I could repeat it. I will attribute this shot to some skill and some luck.

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