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So this has been stagnant for a while . I’m not set up and I know living at virtually sea level is going to change things too .

Wow I’m wowed .
I went to just burn some ammo , I burned off a few FMJ just find the feel , face plant etc . It’s been so long since I loaded the mags I had forgotten until I was picking up that I had loaded work ups in the magazine . 3 each as it happens .
It looks like H4198 might be a winner here . The target as luck would have it had 5 identifiable clusters of 3 . Half inch group at 50yd off a 3 point sitting knee rest with 2 in the same hole .
Looks like I have a candidate to spend some time with on bags .
FC brass
CCI #41
H4198 @ 23.6 gr
NOE 279-124 @130 gr ready to roll .

The barrel is a 5R at .277x.271 it’s hard to measure 5 skinny lands . These drop round at .279 and sized .280 to lock the check .
Ejection was at 2:00 with the FC 115 FMJ but a perfect 3:00 in a coffee can with the 12 rounds of work up .

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