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I’ve been pretty passive since the move .
I haven’t shot anything in 3 months maybe 4 . I went out to the new homestead plot and shot some 45 ACP out of the HP4595 , I was disappointed as I know I can shoot better than that ……. I tried again yesterday on my way out to spend a few fleeting hours with my folks before it got hot …….piss poor planning on my part . I’ll be busy the next few weeks assuming the roll of family Patriarch . After which I expect I’ll have to make a a road trip back out west to clear out the rest of the house and get it sold . About April I think I’ll get settled down and start working some new loads , baiting varmints . I hope to shoot a few geese this year it’d be nice to have a couple for Christmas .
I’ll do house and range updates as it goes along but stalled on the leach field and and cutting down a 1’×30′ oak in the way of the range with a 45 ACP HP4595 isn’t all that exciting . Yes of course a chainsaw would be faster but where’s the distraction and hours of Zen in that ?

I expect I’ll be working out a cast load in an pre M40 pattern 700 BDL of 1968/9 vintage 25-60′ , probably a 1957 M70 also .

I’m not even a day in an I already don’t like this whole Patriarch gig ………

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