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Still alive. I’ve been wanting to post more, but I’m busier than a centipede at a toe counting contest this year, and here is the reasons why:

1. Starting last october, I guess all the locals finally discovered I existed and the subsequent deer season rush was unlike anything I ever experianced before. There were several times I had seven customers all in the shop at the same time, all talking together, I’m cranking and fixing as fast as I can, the dog is running around wondering whats going on, Angie’s serving up cold drinks and coffee……….what a rush!!!! I was sighting in rifles for people at midnight before opening day. Awesome. It’s steadily been busier than I can ever remember.

2. When I’m not gunsmithing, I’m building space junk for BEI precision systems and space, and I was promoted to shop foreman/lead machinist/head CNC programmer, and paper pusher extraordinaire. Meatings, work orders, calendars, yes you can have the day off’s, oh and I also took over the glass grinding dept., whipped it into shape, and set new standards for product quality and production. In short, back in the old days, I would sit there bored out of my skull wishing they’d freakin LISTEN when I tell them I can turn the place on its head overnight if they’d give me a minute to prove it, and now I’m wondering if they remember I’m just one guy!!! (of course, then I go home and try to make magic happen for 4 hours before Im too tired to see straight and take a 6 hour nap before doing it all over again).

Don’t get me wrong, I love the work, and I dare say I’m dam good at it, but it leaves very little time for typing out long essays like I used to. The time I do spend on the forum is usually taken up with background stuff and killing spammers etc etc etc.

It’s just for a time, but I do hope all these guys are all still curious and care to describe their personal interests!


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