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We have not been able to reproduces your error with our setup, but the error you are describing is related to security. It could be 3 or 4 different problems – There could have been something strange related to the photo or type of file. There could have been an error in the upload that caused the security message. We were doing a lot of work to the login system on the 3rd and 4th, due to the fact that we found a bug with recaptcha and the custom login for the site. I would give it another try, and save the info and post it here.

Info we need:

1. Phone or computer? — If computer, IP address (google: whats my IP)

2. Operating System you are using? (If using a phone, Apple or Android)

3. Browsers used?

4. Username and password? (No one has access to this. Not even us.)

5. Did you clear your browser cashe and cookies or not?

A screen shot of the problem would be very helpful, but we understand not always possible.

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