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I’ll give you guys some information on the 550-1 that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

The barrel is hardened on the tenon. Inside and out, the receiver portion of the 550-1 barrel is glass hard inside and out. They did this to make it so the floating chamber didn’t wallow out it’s seat with use.

I discovered this the hard way (pun intended) when I dismantled the rifle to it’s pieces and unscrewed the barrel to have a better look inside. Scoping it, I found the throat of the rifle to be lacking, so I pulled out my 22LR reamer and tried to dress the chamber a little to cut a proper throat in there. The reamer was ruined in just a few turns. I managed to knock a slight bevel on the entrance to the rifling, but that’s it. Obviously, this perplexed me, so I tested the underside of the barrel with a file to figure out what was going on. Sure enough, it was locally hardened over the chamber area.




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