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I’ve only owned one .22 rimfire semiauto rifle, a Ruger. I bought it off a friend who needed money when his wife fell off a horse and broke her arm. I never fired it until my grandson came down to spend some time with me in the summer of 2012. It does not look too boxy. This one I believe is an early model. It does eat every flavor of ammo you feed it. The TruGlo red dot is something I had in the shed. Bought it at a LGS in Walsenburg, CO. She could not move it. It is for a turkey shotgun. Has a ring that represents 24″ at 30 yards. Turns out to be very handy to pick up your target. I think I paid $39. I have never put the gun on target. It was plinking for a month straight down on the crick. He wanted me to get a 50 round magazine. I told him he could get a job and buy the magazine and ammo himself. At 16, the goal is to unload that magazine as fast as you can. I gifted him the rifle when he graduated from the 8th grade.. There is the condition that if he is ever to sell it, it is only back to me.

I’ve been trying to upload a photo of the rifle without success. It kept coming up with incorrect orientation. Now, I get a message saying “412 ErrorYour request got filtered out due to possible security issues.One or more things in your request were suspicious (defective request header, invalid cookies, bad parameters)If you think you did nothing wrong:try again with a different browseravoid any evil characters inside the request urlIf you are the owner of the website, you can consider revising the rules of the mod_security module or turning it off from your Web Hosting Control Panel.” Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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