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The old public range I used to visit was a treasure trove of brass especially if you got there early. I pretty much set myself, family and friends up for life in common rifle and pistol calibers over a couple years time.  I ended up converting some of the 9 MM to 9 x 18 MAK and 308 Win. or 7.62 NATO brass too 300 Sav. as I had so much of the stuff.

Two calibers I shoot quite often 7.62 x 54r and 7.62 x 39 were usually a bust as mostly only spent steel cases were found, But I lucked up and found a local guy that sold assorted brass in those two caliber he got  from several local indoor ranges so I got plenty of once fired stuff for ten cents a case.

I also bought out a guy on the net that had multiple calibers of new brass, mostly PPU and Starline.  I sold off all the oddball stuff or what I couldn’t use at 60% of new cost and still made enough money to pay for the investment and pocket all this for about $15.

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