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Easy answer.

Vortex Viper red dot. I’ve milled lots of slides for various red dot sights (and test fired every single one per policy) and the Vortex is by far my favorite.

In classic Vortex style, the adjustments are properly calibrated, and its very natural to get into the sight quickly. Precision is fantastic.

In contrast, I find the Trijicon RMR to be bulky, and the Leupold Delta Point to be a little less intuitive. Seems “dim?” by comparison? Hard to explain.

Mounting these sights into a slide cut for them (again, only the best at MBT. The sights almost press into the slide they fit so perfectly) puts the line of site very low on the slide which allows your muscle memory to put the gun in play exactly as you normally would without feeling like you’re looking over the gun.

That’s my 2 cents worth.

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