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To answer your final question: Nothing.

all the talk you hear about 6.5CM that it is so darned accurate, the bullets fly so well, the BC is so high, shoots so flat, it does everything except punch holes in the target by itself !!

Yeah, that’s horse manure.

In my inexperienced opinion,  the 57mm cartridges have proven themselves over and over again, be it 7×57, 6.5×55, they not barrel burners, and proven themselves, and spawned many other like .257, 244Rem. which seem to be great also.

No argument. They are ballistically superior cartridges.

6.5×55 itself has a long throat (remember the mil surp 160gr) and with the longer case body should be able to outrun the CM, correct?

Correct. It does.

Looking at the Sierra bullet lineup, there is a very high BC 7mm bullet available, so what is all the talk about the 6.5mm BC?

Same result, slightly less recoil.

I understand the idea of the short action gun, but that is NOT what all the (so-called) Gurus say about the 6.5CM, they ONLY talk about accuracy and BC and flat shooting.

You have to understand that many of these people are new shooters or have experience limited to the 7.62 and 5.56. They want to feel great about their rifle, and they do. Many have never had a real taste of precision and its coincidentally fortunate for them that American barrel and projectile manufacturing has caught some serious lift in the past 15 years. Before that, finding a rifle with a barrel good enough to produce true 1.25MOA or less ten shot groups with factory ammunition was the exception indeed! People were doing it, and doing it well, but if you were not a reloader and your budget necessitated a mid to low grade rifle, you pretty much had to shoot three shot groups and tell fish stories to convince yourself you were doing well (been there, done that, got the T-shirt).

Now all of a sudden, they go and buy a rifle that is one step above the bottom rung deer rifle, and they start punching decent groups, it’s understandable that these guys would scream from the rooftops that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. They don’t know jack about barrel tolerances, or the computer aided design of the bullets and propellants. Most of them think a red tipped bullet is better than a standard soft nose or hollow point just because it looks cool. They see the improved performance of the rifles and they assume there’s something magic about the cartridge. There is not.

However, I’m just a guy who likes to take the path of least resistance and use what’s easily available. To that end, I’m sitting here saying: No, there’s nothing really amazing about the 6.5CM in and of itself, but given that it’s a shining moment in history where civilian riflemen got their collective stuff together and put together a very ballanced cartridge, that’s not a magnum barrel burner, that is viable at ranges average people shoot at, that doesn’t need you to walk the rice paper, that shoots pretty dam good out of the box, and that shoots real dam well when you tune a load for it………..I’m all for it.

It’s not big and flashy. It’s tame, balanced, boring, and consistent……….everything I love in a cartridge.

Sure, all things being equal, there’s about 10 cartridges I’d sooner build a rifle around, but given that it’s so popular and the price is low and availability of components is sky high, I have to give it the nod as an awesome choice. I’d much rather see shooters getting all worked up over the Creedmoore than another 7mm RemMag, 6.5X284, 26 Nosler, or 224 Valkyrie. I shudder to think how many overpowered, ultralight, plastic stocked, shot-out, barrel burners there are floating around out there at gunshows.

Let me sum up with this: A buddy of mine’s son just bought a nice Interarms MKX in 300 WinMag and my buddy sent it to me for inspection and a muzzle break (because his bad groups MUST be on account of his inability to take the recoil…..). The throat looks like a dry creek bed, and I judge the rifle to have seen its fair share of 1000 shots. I called up my buddy and said “Seriously, you aught to think hard about getting Jr. to let me put a new barrel on it. His reply? “Oh hes a new shooter and he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway”.  So the kid is going to beat himself to pieces shooting a garbage rifle and believing he cant shoot because his dad would discourage him buying into this new fangled wiz bang stuff because rifles have STOCKS, not chassis………..

Not my kid, but that seems like a serious disservice to me, and if the alternative is that the kid went and bought a Savage RPR, got a taste of real precision, and started his journey on the right foot, I guess I’m more a slave to precision and excellence than to nostalgia.

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