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From what I understand, the 6.5CM was designed to run 308 brass with the really long heavy bullets, and NOT seat the bullet below the neck. this follows suit with what Tim say about running out of magazine, as well as seating close to the lands. I get that, but, what I don’t get is this:

all the talk you hear about 6.5CM that it is so darned accurate, the bullets fly so well, the BC is so high, shoots so flat, it does everything except punch holes in the target by itself !! that is all I hear on the range, and all I see is the Ruger precision rifle. I see guys talking a lot, but NOT banging steel……………

In my inexperienced opinion,  the 57mm cartridges have proven themselves over and over again, be it 7×57, 6.5×55, they not barrel burners, and proven themselves, and spawned many other like .257, 244Rem. which seem to be great also.

6.5×55 itself has a long throat (remember the mil surp 160gr) and with the longer case body should be able to outrun the CM, correct?

Looking at the Sierra bullet lineup, there is a very high BC 7mm bullet available, so what is all the talk about the 6.5mm BC?

I understand the idea of the short action gun, but that is NOT what all the (so-called) Gurus say about the 6.5CM, they ONLY talk about accuracy and BC and flat shooting.

I want to ponder this:

If then, accuracy, BC, and flat shooting is the 1 and only topic, then what do you get with a 6.5×55 or 7×57 in a Stolle Panda or similar custom job compared to same gun chambered in 6.5CM?

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