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Yeah, I hear you loud and clear Ken, but perhaps you won’t be so surprised in the future?

Given the rifle is a set entity, feeding it quality ammunition made with quality components and correct powder charge makes all the difference.

One of the big problems (pun intended) with getting cast to play right in other cartridges is trying to get a cartridge with large case capacity and fast twist to play right with a cast bullet. Using a small case like you are, with a large bullet lets you shoot within the RPMTH of the cartridge and still have a full case of powder.

You get to have your cake and eat it too, just like 30-30, 35Remington, 358 Winchester, and 30BR. There was a reason we REDUCED the case capacity on the 30-06 to create a cartridge (30XCB) that would shoot cast lead FASTER……

Suffice it to say, you’ve got a lot of big stuff going for you with that cartridge, so the minutia of throat depth doesn’t end up being as big of a practical issue as you might think.

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