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The 6.5 Creedmoore is an exercise in BALANCED performance rather than another cliche’ barrel burner (which I’ve seen enough of for two lifetimes).

The 6.5CM is the latest in a string of mild cartridges made for economical effectiveness at ranges most Americans have access to (less than 1000 yards). It’s easily beaten by many other cartridges in raw performance, but if you’re looking for “better than 308 but fits in the same action” it scratches that itch. Rather than designing some wizbang cartridge and hoping the industry takes it (thank you Nosler, Marlin, and Ruger) the designers of the 6.5CM were looking to deliver shooters the “Toyota Camry” of the precision rifle world, by designing a cartridge around available and popular components and platforms. Therefore, you have a cartridge that need look no further than H4350 and the Hornady SST and ELD lines for plug and play results. These components just plain WORK. Additionally, this cartridge plugs right into a short action rifle (anything that will hold the 308 will do) and you sacrifice very little barrel life over the 308 for the increased performance.

Basically, it’s an enhanced 308 Winchester and it works really really well. I could give a rip about popularity contests, but the simple fact of the matter is, the 6.5 Creedmoore is very well designed and it takes full advantage of modern projectiles, propellants, and barrel quality.

It’s fun to shoot, sexy to look at, and you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get it to play right.

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