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I am with you on this. Do it now for I do not believe there will be a better time.

I went the form 1 route and built my own. It’s for a 300 Blk AR and it is awesome!! You hear the hammer fall and a bit of a woof and the bolt rattling, then the boolit “WHACK”.

I also made adapters to attach it to my 5.56 AR which sounds about like an unsuppressed 22.

I also fitted it to my Ruger 77/22. The sounds you hear are the firing pin snap and the bullet hitting it’s mark.

I enjoy(ed) it so much that I have applied for another stamp and when it is approved will be building one for my Ruger Mk1 pistol.

If you think about it the $200 application fee is a pittance compared to the price of a silencer, even a homemade one. Also, when the act was instituted, $200 was nearly a King’s ransom. Now it’s more of an inconvenience.

My fear was/is somebody in the gubermint will wise up and decide to bring the stamp fee in line with times and the original intent!

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