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Ahhhh…a fresh coffee and good to go!!!

The IMR 4831 with ~1 gr of Dacron filler were way more consistent with a SD 21 and they were faster running at an average of 2420 FPS. 10/10 on the small 200M plate and  feeling very sure of myself after 5 shots on the 8”x 10” plate at 300M. I shot 5 at the small plate and 4/5 hits. Went out to 500M with the last 10 shots. I was trying to hit the  IPSC silhouette plate. Didn’t go as well as the shorter range, but certainly discovered the “falling rock” of velocity drop!!! I did manage to hit the plate twice and the one beside it once…..

Next trip I will paper test at the other range and will be increasing the speed with both powders.

We we’re mostly shooting at 800M with jacketed bullets in various rifles. I was shooting my Remington 260. When the range went cold we went down to 800M to repaint the steel, while the other guys went to paint the closer plates. When we all got back to the line the guys that were painting the 200M steel asked what I was shooting? When I told them and showed them the rifle and loaded rounds, they were shaking their heads. They said the plate had a spot “polished off….the size of an egg” and they said it didn’t look like the other shots, more like a “chrome foil”. The guys that painted the 300M steel said the same….

This is the most fun “Rabbit hole” I have went down in a long time!!! I was completely bored with rifle shooting. The 260 I have will shoot tiny groups with ease. So I started playing with old military rifles at short ranges open sights lots of fun. Now with this rifle and working up different loads I feel like back when I was shooting a 6BR rifle for the first time. Every hit is a complete THRILL!!!

I will report in with more results next trip to the range.

Have an awesome weekend!


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