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it is a shallow groove barrel, .32/40 to be exact. I got a 1″ straight octagon 32/40 blank x 36″ long. I had it breeched to an Allan Foundry Underhammer action. it is .314/.321 and 1:14


BTW, I read an interesting article the other day. it was an article about the BPCR (black powder cartridge rifle) long range guys discussing a test of bullet shapes that fly well downrange,,,,,,, 600, 800, 1000 yards downrange.

The study was one bullet deep grease grooves spire point like a DEEP grooved Loverin, the other was a round nose with few shallow grooves aft in the body. otherwise all the same

The RN shallow grooves aft flew better than the spire point’s deep grooves forward, so they said.

The consensus of the article was to have few shallow grooves aft with the smallest meplat.

That describes the XCB, does it not? I thought that ironic.

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