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Good evening,

Although this thread  is over a year old it is something I went through earlier this year. After shooting “Dawn” with Larry December 2017. I started the procedure of putting together a HV cast rifle.

This is the third rifle I have built or had put together. The first was a 6mm bench rest rifle with a twist. I made it with the normal heavy stock and a lightened stock to make it easier to pack around. I wanted a rifle to shoot gophers and also coyotes with. Then for whatever reason I wanted a 35 Whelen. The LGS had received a SAKO left hand rifle that was almost destroyed, tuliped barrel and broken stock. Somehow it fell over loaded and was run over, it went off with the barrel full of dirt. So it split the barrel and broke the stock. After it hung on the wall as a conversation piece for a year or so, I asked if I could have it. They gave it to me, but it had to be fired 20 times. I cut the barrel off and strapped the rest into a tire, hid behind the wall of the garage and pulled the string 20 times. My Mother witnessed the event. 30-06 out of a short, 6” barrel, is very loud was what she told the owner of the LGS. It made a perfect 35 Whelen rifle. But…… this rifle, I wanted to choose components that would be useable if this rifle didn’t produce what I wanted. Cast 30XCB@2900 FPS. I was going  to take the barrel off the SAKO and put a new barrel on it. Then talked to Larry and had a line on a Savage 22-250 with a burned out barrel. It was one of those FVSS? single shot, before I could reply it was gone. Next a Remington barreled action was available. Talked to the shop and by the time they “cleaned it up” it was close to the price of a custom made  action they build for their bench rest and long range rifles. It/their rifles are very competitive with the Stolle’s, BAT and Pandas. So dollars to donuts, I choose the custom action. We will see after shooting it, six months from now, if I made the right choice. So far it looks like a winner!!

Check out “Another HV cast boolit rifle” for the shooting story.

Darren McCann

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