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The simple answer is; of course it does. And of course there are many qualifiers that come into play.   It’s a lot more important to weight sort tiny bullets like 22cal.  A tenth of grain is an overall larger percentage compared to say a 375 bullet.  W/ pistol buckets the question is can you shoot well enough to see the difference?  For most people the answer is no so weight sorting is simply wasting tine.  But if you’re after perfection, or as close as you can get, then you absolutely have to weight sort.  Regardless of what the bullet is used in it will make a difference.  You just may not be able to measure the difference.


When i I had more time I made some graphs up.  I wanted to see how consistent my casting technique was more than anything else.  I cast in an unconditioned garage where the ambient conditions directly effect the results.  And they sure effect my comfort.

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