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Good morning,

This is the method I have been using since I purchased a 30XCB 5 cavity from NOE. I would have picked a Mold will less cavities, but it was the only one is stock. What I found was the consistency of the centre 3 cavities. When I cast I will drop a set on a numbered paper towel so I know where each boolit came from. I drop a set early, usually in the first 10 pours, then about half way and then again at the bottom of the pot. Last casting session after visual sorting, I use a large lighted work magnifying glass. I also trim any tiny sprue bumps with an Exacto. I had 443 visually excellent boolits, 38 tossers and 26 for foulers. Then the weighing out started. Using a RCBS beam scale, and a Lyman digital scale, I weighed out the 15 samples in groups of 3 for each cavity. I then get an average, which is very close to the main batch that are WQ. The centre 3 cavities are within 0.15 grs of each other and not the heaviest. The handle cavity is the lightest by 1 gr. the pivot cavity is the heaviest by a consistent 1.5 grs. (This is for the air cooled 15 samples only) After all the weighting, I had/have 69@163.00, 70@162.7, 132@162.6, 127@162.5 and 45@162.3 and lighter. These are all from 50/50 Lino/Lead as cast water quenched. These are closer and much better looking boolits than the old mix I was using of WW/Pb and added tin which according to the lead calculator Brinell  11 AC I wasWQ so 20 Brinell or so. This batch of Lino/Lead boolits will be the ones used in the next session of testing the HV rifle. I will report the results in another follow up to “Another High Velocity Rifle” post. So much shooting, so little time!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Darren McCann

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